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Meet 'The Maestro' Philippe Karl

“Searching for a small riding faculty in Baden, Switzerland, we find the barn tucked away inside an industrial complex. A person would never guess there were horses here…”

The Amish and the Modern Horseman

“For modern horseman, however, it’s nearly impossible to relate to the mindset of the Amish.”

Ode to the Spur

“Spurs are the stuff of passionate debate as well as endearing admiration.”

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Editor's Journal

Out From The Indoor

“Four months of dressage lessons over the winter season are now behind me; most of the riding has been indoors.”

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“Visitors to HMH may have noticed the banner photos that decorate our home page.”

First Look at War Horse Movie Trailer

“I had the opportunity to see the play in London which was brilliant. The life-sized horse puppets were beautiful works of art.”

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Tales of Texas

Who’s Herding Who?

“Well, who’s herding who is the way it usually starts out gathering bulls in heavy brush. Bulls come in a wide variety of disposition so you have to be ready”

Eagles Hate to Bathe

“It was January 19, 1975, a cold front was in full force and the temperature was dropping fast but the wind was blowing even faster.”

Sweet Talkin’s Over Part 3

“As I returned to camp, I thought of all the different things that had happened during the past year. There was a long list of circumstances…”

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Jake's Take


“So, the new addition to my ever-growing herd of equines is ‘Eddie’.”

Calving in February

“Well February is here and so are a few chilly calves… more than the Wald ranch expected anyway! We were caught a little off guard…”

Scrat's Mother

“We’ve started calving about full time here at the place.”

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