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I’d like to talk about the colts Dad and I are riding right now. At the moment we have four; Jr. (Cause he looks just like his dad), Tiempo, Sleepy (after the dwarf), and Choc, all two-year-olds and the first batch by our young stud Stylish Tip.

Jr. is a sorrel with one white spot in the middle of his back (?); Tiempo is a big, tall, straight gray; Sleepy is another big, tall gray but he has a strip and snip; and Choc is just a dark bay with not even one, little, tiny, white hair.

Dad and I started them this spring and turned them out this summer to soak on what they’d learned, then got them in again this fall and kind of put them to work!

Jr. and Tiempo are Dad’s steeds, Choc is mine, and Sleepy is kind of both, whoever feels like riding him at the time.

Since this fall was so nice for so long, we got to ride them every day, get them handling better, and start roping on them; but now that Global Warming/Climate Change showed up for the winter, we just get them in one at a time for a week at a time. That way each one gets a solid week of checking cows, getting gates, and dragging stuff around in a big red plastic sled.

It all makes for good horses in the springtime when you really need them!

Jackson Wald is a featured columnist for High Minded Horseman and a fine example of Montana’s ranching youth. He can generally be found on the family ranch, working cattle and his latest colt project; usually at the same time.

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