Editor's Journal

HMH editor Tracy Schumer's first hand explorations into the world of horsemanship

An experience in Portugal last year permanently altered my concept of feel. Instead of always looking at feel from the direction of how the horse feels to me, it got me thinking instead about how I feel to the horse…More

I had the opportunity to see the play in London which was brilliant. The life-sized horse puppets were beautiful works of art. The actors were even able to ride the puppets on stage which were so lifelike…More

The Florida Carriage Museum and Resort has been sold and Road to the Horse, the world championship of colt starting goes global…More

Each year in the US, 70,000 people turn up in emergency rooms with injuries related to equestrian activities and of those 12,000 are head injuries. In fact, as hard to believe as this may be, horseback riders suffer the same injury rate as motorcycle riders…More

It’s been a long time coming but finally, a major film documentary about trainer/clinician Buck Brannaman will showcase horsemanship through feel on the big screen. Already a multiple award winner including a recent win at the Sundance Film Festival, this film directed by Cindy Meehl, is already generating a lot of positive review…More

The traditional hackamore, known in classical terms as the Jaquima is a versatile tool that can be applied to any discipline and any breed of horse. First impressions are important, in order for your horse to accept and appreciate the subtlety of the hackamore, his first experience needs to follow carefully executed foundation work.…More

We receive dozens of press releases and news feeds every day here at HMH. Most cover mundane horse industry news but a few are really interesting. Occasionally, something really special comes in over the wire. The story below with accompanying video is well worth a look…More

A recent survey of eventing riders found that none considered themselves overt ‘risk takers’, however, some did admit that they experience, “extreme fear and anxiety during competitions”. The survey was conducted by the University of South Australia and included riders aged 14-54 from beginner level to international competitors…More