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Enjoy the art, humor and wisdom of our columnists: Mike Capron and Jackson Wald who each have their own regular column. We hope you enjoy their writing!

Tales of Texas

Eagles Hate to Bathe

“It was January 19, 1975, a cold front was in full force and the temperature was dropping fast but the wind was blowing even faster.”

Hey Bull!

“Gathering remnant with a crew of dogs has always been a favorite chore of mine.”

Sweet Talkin’s Over ...

“As I returned to camp, I thought of all the different things that had happened during the past year. There was a long list of circumstances…”

Sweet Talkin's Over ...

“Looking for my run away cow, where did she go? I left the house expecting to run into the black motley-faced cow not too far from where I last saw her.”

Sweet Talkin’s Over ...

“The cow business has a long history of profit and loss and this little story is a small example of this illusive pursuit.”

Midnight Rider

“It was late one evening on the fall works. We were running behind schedule so our commute home was a long and late one.”

James Kenney and The...

“Making a cowboy is kinda like making a cake. There are a lot of different ingredients that go into creating both of these little delicacies.”

He Should Have Calle...

“Some cowboys try to cover all the bases at once. They’re trying to punch cows and get rich at the same time.”

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Jake's Take

Leachman Sale

“The beginning of this April there was a very large scale dispersion sale of the Hairpin Cavvy belonging to Jim Leachman.”


“Well, I have a four year old colt that I got from my friend Clint Branger. He’s out of an AQHA registered ‘Kessler’ mare”

Calving in February

“Well February is here and so are a few chilly calves… more than the Wald ranch expected anyway! We were caught a little off guard…”

Learning the Ropes

“Ok, just to say this before I start, I am no expert on this subject! This time, I’m gonna talk about the different kinds of ropes that I know about.”

Weaning Colts and Wi...

“There’s a small period of time in-between the fall works and the middle of winter when you’re feeding cows twenty-four-seven”

Joe Wolter Clinic

“Labor Day weekend was especially fun this year for a few people”

Branding Camp 2010

“Well last week I was having the time of my life at a branding camp here in Montana for about six days.”

Vaquero Horsemanship...

“For the last few weeks I’ve described the history and gear of the vaquero in my own words and from my own experiences.”

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