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It was January 19, 1975, a cold front was in full force and the temperature was dropping fast but the wind was blowing even faster. Snow blowing in the wind at about 60 miles an hour and the temperature was bouncing around 20 degrees…More

Gathering remnant with a crew of dogs has always been a favorite chore of mine. Like most sporting events, a little hard to explain on the financial spread sheet but highly justifiable in my mind.The following events took place on some remote real estate of a mountainous nature and there sure was plenty of it…More

As I returned to camp, I thought of all the different things that had happened during the past year. There was a long list of circumstances on how the cattle developed such conviction in their escape routines and to what extent they would go in order to hide and get away…More

Looking for my run away cow, where did she go? I left the house expecting to run into the black motley-faced cow not too far from where I last saw her. I hadn’t chased her or caused her to be alarmed in any way. All I did was unload my horse and get on him…More

The cow business has a long history of profit and loss and this little story is a small example of this illusive pursuit. I never did name one unique individual of a bovine brute, can’t tell you why, just wasn’t ever a thought. I was too busy trying to figure out a way to get her in the pen…More

It was late one evening on the fall works. We were running behind schedule so our commute home was a long and late one. This was pre-gooseneck days so the options were slim; ride your pony home in the dark, walk and lead him, or spend the night there alone and try to catch up the next day somewhere on the drive…More

Making a cowboy is kinda like making a cake. There are a lot of different ingredients that go into creating both of these little delicacies. You have to mix everything just right and then let her bake…More

Some cowboys try to cover all the bases at once. They’re trying to punch cows and get rich at the same time. I knew one enterprising cowpuncher that was day-working, hauling for hire and trading every chance he could. He had plenty of ambition and a deal working all the time…More

Uncle Arb was my friend. He was born in Texas, raised in Arizona, then moved back to Texas and that is when we became friends and neighbors. It was the late 1970’s and we were both running yearlings on neighboring outfits…More

Keep Your Eyes on Flaxy…That is what I was telling myself while this little episode was unfolding. It’s Spring and Flaxy has had the winter off. He’s a five year old with limited experience and his previous schooling had consisted of a few days in the round pen and one Fall season of cow works…More

We were gathering bulls to sell to a rodeo contractor and had about reached our time limit for the delivery date. We split up forces in order to cover more country and to make another stab at several we had missed on previous attempts…More

The “burro lady” and I spent a lot of time together in west Texas. We never rode together but I spent a lot of time thinking about her while we traveled similar trails. She was always on her favorite burro and I was in my pick-up going up and down the highway…More

Cowboys and Sailors have a lot in common. Sometimes when a storm is brewing, about all you can do is batten down the hatches and try to ride it out. Cool, breezy mornings make young horses fresh and frisky and if the cowboy is looking for a little excitement, well, it won’t be hard to talk Mr. Storm into obliging him…More

Some horses have to be in the lead all the time. They’re never satisfied being in the middle of the pack and at the back is plum out of the question. Champ got his name because of this nature…More

I’ve heard it said that a cowboy is born and not made. I’m not sure what that means. I’ve seen kids grow up around good hands and learn to become good hands themselves. I have also seen youngins that were flesh and blood of some of the best and none of it rubbed off…More

Takin’ the girls home in the fall after shipping time is the cowboy’s pride. These are the cows that have produced a paycheck by raising a calf and have managed to get their baby brought along through to shipping time…More

Well, who’s herding who is the way it usually starts out gathering bulls in heavy brush. Bulls come in a wide variety of disposition so you have to be ready to make a decision on how much pressure you need to apply in order to get this bull to conform to your wishes. These bushes are is home and he feels mighty comfortable using them to his advantage in order to stay there…More

In my book horses rate right behind ladies and dogs on the man chart. They have a lot in common with these other divinely created creatures. All of them require a considerable amount of time and without proper attention, all three can cause a lot of trouble but I find them all worth the effort…More

Men who dance in the first light are a bunch of overpaid fools sleeping on the ground, eating more beans than beef, leaving in the dark, riding some ole’ shaky stick that is probably wilder than he is tame and doing everything he can to make leaving camp difficult…More

Any excuse will do to get a cowboy to saddle up and go somewhere. He’ll cross unthinkable canyons and climb unbelievable mountains for the slightest reason and be glad to do it on the shakiest of horses.…More

Here’s a trick that’s been around a long time, but you won’t see it too often. I’m not sure what you call this maneuver; looks like a collision in open country and that’s exactly what it is, except it is planne…More

Some people enjoy ridin’ when the conditions are in their favor, other fellers enjoy ridin’ no matter what the conditions. We will call these fellers who enjoy ridin’ under any conditions Joyriders. They will ride anything just to keep from walking.…More

This cowboy has chosen to enter the wild cow roping contest but his horse has entered the bucking horse event. Cowboys will never pass up a legit reason to rope a cow, of course he’ll seldom ask for his horses’s permission first. So some horses, being strong minded, choose a different approach…More

My good friend Cotton said , “All there is to cowboyinʼ is ridinʼ and ropinʼ”. Ropes have quite a reputation, both good and bad. They have been around long enough to have survived lots of opinions. They are a tool, just like a gun, or a feed sack, all of which require discretion, and can be easily abused…More

A loose latigo can turn a rather simple ride into an extreme event. Mr. Horse starting out fresh and full of energy steps on an unfastened latigo. He thinks that someone has come out of a hole and kicked him in the belly. Mr. Horse is quick to take offense, as he is looking for an excuse to unload Mr. Cowboy, so he can make a dash back to his buddies…More

This is a fine example of how cowboys call on their animal buddies to give them a hand. Burro’s make handy lead animals, they will head to the house as that is where the feed bucket is. Feed buckets have gentled as many animals as any tool that man has come up with. Things may start out a little rough for the Maverick bull…More