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As I returned to camp, I thought of all the different things that had happened during the past year. There was a long list of circumstances on how the cattle developed such conviction in their escape routines and to what extent they would go in order to hide and get away…More

Looking for my run away cow, where did she go? I left the house expecting to run into the black motley-faced cow not too far from where I last saw her. I hadn’t chased her or caused her to be alarmed in any way. All I did was unload my horse and get on him…More

The cow business has a long history of profit and loss and this little story is a small example of this illusive pursuit. I never did name one unique individual of a bovine brute, can’t tell you why, just wasn’t ever a thought. I was too busy trying to figure out a way to get her in the pen…More

Some horses have to be in the lead all the time. They’re never satisfied being in the middle of the pack and at the back is plum out of the question. Champ got his name because of this nature…More

Well, who’s herding who is the way it usually starts out gathering bulls in heavy brush. Bulls come in a wide variety of disposition so you have to be ready to make a decision on how much pressure you need to apply in order to get this bull to conform to your wishes. These bushes are is home and he feels mighty comfortable using them to his advantage in order to stay there…More

Here’s a trick that’s been around a long time, but you won’t see it too often. I’m not sure what you call this maneuver; looks like a collision in open country and that’s exactly what it is, except it is planne…More

Alright, here’s an ordeal I was involved in lately. We’ve started calving about full time here at the place. Well, we had a cow that calved sometime between our night checks and her calf ended up in the creek and was frozen in the ice by morning. Reminded me of the character “Scrat” from the movie “Ice Age”…More

Few pieces of a cowboy’s gear seem to raise more hackles, spark more arguments, yet be more indispensable than a good set of spurs. Spurs are the stuff of passionate debate as well as endearing admiration. People who’ve never even owned a horse collect them as works of art but what about the serious horseman who uses them daily…More