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The Florida Carriage Museum and Resort has been sold and Road to the Horse, the world championship of colt starting goes global…More

Chris Cox captures his third Road to the Horse title and is named the first Legends of Colt Starting Champion. It was without a doubt the most electrifying event in the eight-year history of Road to the Horse; The World Championship of Colt Starting…More

Attending the Parelli Tournament here in Switzerland was a unique experience on lots of levels. A group of us from our local barn traveled north together by train- that was fun! The trains here are fantastic and given that heavy snow had already covered most of Europe, it was also safer as a big chunk of the Alps lay in our path…More

It wasn’t the usual packed house that Pat Parelli is accustomed to. The small crowd attending the 3rd International Dressage Forum in Portugal, November 6-7, 2010, numbered just over one hundred but they were a tough bunch to please. Pat Parelli was on the schedule as a speaker during the conference held at the famous Daniel Pinto Academie De Dressage Portugal…More