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An experience in Portugal last year permanently altered my concept of feel. Instead of always looking at feel from the direction of how the horse feels to me, it got me thinking instead about how I feel to the horse…More

Kyra Kyrklund is a fixture in the world of Grand Prix dressage and for for over twenty years she’s been consistently ranked amongst the world’s top dressage riders. Kyrklund has competed in six European Championships, Two World Equestrian Games and is a five-time Olympian…More

The Iberian peninsula, a well traveled crossroad that’s been a stage of human cultural theatre for a thousand centuries. The actors have been many, when the Neanderthals arrived in 70,000 BC for example, they were far from being the first to call this place home; more would follow…More

One year ago, New Years Day 2010, I was hard at work creating the design, concept and content that would become HMH. Now here we are with our first year complete and in the can; it’s been a remarkably rewarding experience. The work hasn’t slowed but things have certainly gotten smoother…More

It wasn’t the usual packed house that Pat Parelli is accustomed to. The small crowd attending the 3rd International Dressage Forum in Portugal, November 6-7, 2010, numbered just over one hundred but they were a tough bunch to please. Pat Parelli was on the schedule as a speaker during the conference held at the famous Daniel Pinto Academie De Dressage Portugal…More