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Old horses and old saddles are nice to have around; they’re easy to ride, generally don’t cost much to acquire and previous owners have kindly put the time into breaking them in and mellowing them out…More

The charming lakeside village of Ascona in southern Switzerland formed the backdrop for an arena polo tournament. When people think polo, they often have visions of fast horses carrying colorful players across large areas of fresh turf but this is arena polo- it’s quite different…More

Any excuse will do to get a cowboy to saddle up and go somewhere. He’ll cross unthinkable canyons and climb unbelievable mountains for the slightest reason and be glad to do it on the shakiest of horses.…More

So, the new addition to my ever-growing herd of equines is ‘Eddie’. Eddie is a half-shire, half-Quarter horse and is originally from Small, Idaho; where he was raised by Butch Small. I started wanting a half-draft one calving season when a good part of our cow herd was made up of old, sorry, counterfeit, stubborn, and mean red angus witches…More