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Ok, just to say this before I start, I am no expert on this subject!┬áThis time, I’m gonna talk about the different kinds of ropes that I know about. Catch ropes are made out of many different kinds of materials; from dead cows to plastic and made in any length the roper likes…More

Labor Day weekend was especially fun this year for a few people; those that attended the Joe Wolter Ranch/Horsemanship clinic at the Wald Ranch. Hosted by Nate and TJ Wald, the clinic was a great learning experience as well as a fun get-together for fifteen friends…More

I’ve heard it said that a cowboy is born and not made. I’m not sure what that means. I’ve seen kids grow up around good hands and learn to become good hands themselves. I have also seen youngins that were flesh and blood of some of the best and none of it rubbed off…More

Lots of different ways to restrain a bovine in order to get his physical adjustments made. I would prefer to work on an outfit that chooses to invest their money in a good crew as opposed to a squeeze chute or other forms of torture chambers. I’m not much on things made of steel, rubber and grease…More