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The traditional hackamore, known in classical terms as the Jaquima is a versatile tool that can be applied to any discipline and any breed of horse. First impressions are important, in order for your horse to accept and appreciate the subtlety of the hackamore, his first experience needs to follow carefully executed foundation work.…More

Riding into competition on a green horse generates its own unique pressures. Aside from the normal nerves, a host of anxieties often get tossed together during those last few minutes of warm-up when your number has just been called. Then there are those stubborn insecurities jabbing through the back of your brain as you head through the gate and into the show pen; is this horse really ready for this?…More

There is perhaps no other major city in the world that has as healthy a horse culture as London; mounted police force- check, public riding trails- check, fabulously impressive royal stables and palace horse guard- check and double check. For horse lovers in particular, a visit to London isn’t complete without touring the stables of the Household Cavalry located at Whitehall…More

It actually wasn’t that much of a surprise this morning when I pulled into the barn (the scuderia as it’s known in these parts) for my weekly Dressage lesson with Derek Frank. He was standing outside holding a big sorrel horse. I was instantly stuck by the obvious, “I’ll bet I’m not riding Casimere today”…More