Tales of Texas

Tales of cows, cowponies and cowboys of Texas, art and stories by Mike Capron

It was January 19, 1975, a cold front was in full force and the temperature was dropping fast but the wind was blowing even faster. Snow blowing in the wind at about 60 miles an hour and the temperature was bouncing around 20 degrees…More

Gathering remnant with a crew of dogs has always been a favorite chore of mine. Like most sporting events, a little hard to explain on the financial spread sheet but highly justifiable in my mind.The following events took place on some remote real estate of a mountainous nature and there sure was plenty of it…More

As I returned to camp, I thought of all the different things that had happened during the past year. There was a long list of circumstances on how the cattle developed such conviction in their escape routines and to what extent they would go in order to hide and get away…More

Looking for my run away cow, where did she go? I left the house expecting to run into the black motley-faced cow not too far from where I last saw her. I hadn’t chased her or caused her to be alarmed in any way. All I did was unload my horse and get on him…More

The cow business has a long history of profit and loss and this little story is a small example of this illusive pursuit. I never did name one unique individual of a bovine brute, can’t tell you why, just wasn’t ever a thought. I was too busy trying to figure out a way to get her in the pen…More

It was late one evening on the fall works. We were running behind schedule so our commute home was a long and late one. This was pre-gooseneck days so the options were slim; ride your pony home in the dark, walk and lead him, or spend the night there alone and try to catch up the next day somewhere on the drive…More

Making a cowboy is kinda like making a cake. There are a lot of different ingredients that go into creating both of these little delicacies. You have to mix everything just right and then let her bake…More

Some cowboys try to cover all the bases at once. They’re trying to punch cows and get rich at the same time. I knew one enterprising cowpuncher that was day-working, hauling for hire and trading every chance he could. He had plenty of ambition and a deal working all the time…More