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In my travels I often come across interesting tidbits, artifacts and pieces of information. Perhaps it’s simply my nature as a journalist but I feel compelled to share them; both good or bad. Sometimes the bad has more educational value. Case in point is the ubiquitous snaffle bit. Archeologists have unearthed bronze snaffle bits that date as far back as 3000BC…More

Visitors to HMH may have noticed the banner photos that decorate our home page. Drawn from my own portfolio, they change with every new log-in. I’ve taken over fifty-thousand film and digital photographs…More

There are many creative ways to display trophy buckles other than wearing them. Once, several years ago, I was visiting the home of Bill Horn; National Reining Horse Association’s first “Million Dollar Earner”. He and his wife Kim (also a top NRHA competitor) had an impressive trophy buckle collection.…More

It’s a constant process of improvement here at HMH. Being a webzine has its advantages and we’re making use of each and every one of them. Interactive articles are a major part of our format whether it’s the ability for our readers to easily and painlessly leave comments, enlarge photos, link for further research or instantly share our site on a myriad of social networks…More

One year ago, New Years Day 2010, I was hard at work creating the design, concept and content that would become HMH. Now here we are with our first year complete and in the can; it’s been a remarkably rewarding experience. The work hasn’t slowed but things have certainly gotten smoother…More

Old horses and old saddles are nice to have around; they’re easy to ride, generally don’t cost much to acquire and previous owners have kindly put the time into breaking them in and mellowing them out…More

The big red mare had a pleasant attitude, this was greatly appreciated as in her current condition a lot of other horses may have been more difficult to handle. She was suffering from an acute allergic reaction; her body covered from end to end in large protruding welts…More

Each year in the US, 70,000 people turn up in emergency rooms with injuries related to equestrian activities and of those 12,000 are head injuries. In fact, as hard to believe as this may be, horseback riders suffer the same injury rate as motorcycle riders…More

An experience in Portugal last year permanently altered my concept of feel. Instead of always looking at feel from the direction of how the horse feels to me, it got me thinking instead about how I feel to the horse…More