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Since 1998, the last weekend in September has been setting the world of western craftsmanship on fire; igniting the imaginations of collectors, cowboys and the public at large. Hosted annually by the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, the 2010 Traditional Cowboy Arts Association Exhibition & Sale will demonstrate once again that this level of craftsmanship is also fine art.…More

Attending the Parelli Tournament here in Switzerland was a unique experience on lots of levels. A group of us from our local barn traveled north together by train- that was fun! The trains here are fantastic and given that heavy snow had already covered most of Europe, it was also safer as a big chunk of the Alps lay in our path…More

I recently had the opportunity to Interview Canadian silversmith and current TCAA president Scott Hardy. The big news is that for the first time the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association will be teaming up with the Cowboy Artists of America in a joint exhibition…More