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Standing in front of a long row of large barns at the Georgia National Fair Grounds, I look on with interest as dozens of horses: draft, light harness, saddle horses, mules and ponies were paraded about in the parking lot by mostly Amish and Mennonite handlers. A large number of them had been hauled in from Pennsylvania…More

The horses stood calmly while the grooms, in full livery; coats neatly pressed and boots polished, bustled about them seeing to every detail of their harnessing. Carefully, precisely and efficiently these masterful attendants readied the team of elegant black Friesians with amazing quickness.…More

Jessica, a flea-bit grey Connemara pony, is up in her bridle; moving at a nice brisk trot. “she’s edged out to the center of the road again,” Susan Townsend is sitting next to me in the instructor’s seat of our small carriage…More

Just as the name suggests, this horse really packs a lot of power. I had the opportunity to see this remarkable rare horse breed in action on its home turf while visiting the East Anglia region of England recently…More

A weekend excursion to visit traditional Christmas Markets presents us with an opportunity to send a little holiday cheer from across the pond. While exploring “old town” Salzburg, we came across the local carriage concession…More