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We receive dozens of press releases and news feeds every day here at HMH. Most cover mundane horse industry news but a few are really interesting. Occasionally, something really special comes in over the wire. The story below with accompanying video is well worth a look…More

The month of May has been anniversary month here at High Minded Horseman. To celebrate in style we hosted lavish parties in exotic locations popped a bottle of Prosecco out back on the patio; it’s been a fun fascinating year. Numbers don’t lie, well at least the ones from Google Analytics are pretty reliable and what they tell us is exciting…More

It’s been a long time coming but finally, a major film documentary about trainer/clinician Buck Brannaman will showcase horsemanship through feel on the big screen. Already a multiple award winner including a recent win at the Sundance Film Festival, this film directed by Cindy Meehl, is already generating a lot of positive review…More

The Florida Carriage Museum and Resort has been sold and Road to the Horse, the world championship of colt starting goes global…More

I had the opportunity to see the play in London which was brilliant. The life-sized horse puppets were beautiful works of art. The actors were even able to ride the puppets on stage which were so lifelike…More