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Every lesson with Derek Frank begins with ground work. My lazy habits of the past are showing once again. How many clinics have I attended back in the USA? So many, I can’t count actually. How many ground work sessions have I eagerly taken part in- only to have those clinic lessons slip away once I’m home again? Far too many…More

Trotting, lots and lots of trotting- this appears to be the foundation of traditional dressage. Experienced dressage riders are no doubt gagging right now. I struggle to sit the horse correctly, my legs flop around uncontrollably, yet my instructor Derek Frank is patient. He must be amused because even with his hourly rate for a lesson…More

We all like to think of ourselves as “good riders”. It’s all too easy to live inside that comfortable view of ourselves- the one that says; I ride better than that guy. If we’re lucky, something in our environment changes and we find ourselves outside of our comfort zone. This is always an opportunity. It doesn’t matter if the outcome was different…More

Spring at last- fantastic! Four months of dressage lessons over the winter season are now behind me; most of the riding has been indoors. This particular indoor arena is fairly typical, a cavernous wooden box with pigeons populating the high rafters. When it’s seriously winter outside, its comforting to be inside, the lesson can always go on…More

Well last week I was having the time of my life at a branding camp here in Montana for about six days. We stayed up in a pasture with a horse trailer for a cook wagon and branded calves every day. We would get up about 4:00-4:30 every morning and have a light breakfast with lots of good coffee.…More

There’s a small period of time in-between the fall works and the middle of winter when you’re feeding cows twenty-four-seven; when you don’t have a whole lot to do on the place. The calves have been shipped and the cows are turned out. Well we are now past that time and our cows got brought home a little early this year…More

Well February is here and so are a few chilly calves… more than the Wald ranch expected anyway! We were caught a little off guard, as our normal calving season isn’t supposed to start until March, but it seems that our cows decided they’d get a head start on us. What with this lovely tropical weather and all…More

Well, I have a four year old colt that I got from my friend Clint Branger. He’s out of an AQHA registered ‘Kessler’ mare and by one of Clint’s bucking horse studs, so he’s not exactly saddle bred. So here I am, trying to make him a saddle horse…More