About HMH

What is High Minded Horseman?

HMH is a web-based publication devoted to horses, horsemanship, horse people and the partnerships that arise between them. HMH was created out of a desire to learn and because this desire is shared by so many, we’re inviting you to be a part of the experience. We recognize that for the true horseman there is no finish line.

We are a free site, there are no payed subscriptions, advertising or fees payed to our contributors. This is a community project of sorts, our community being that segment of the population that is passionate about the horse. You will see things you like and things you don’t; the comment box is at the end of every article. Please keep the first sentence of this paragraph in mind when submitting your opinions. If you’re interested in submitting an article for publication or using any of our material please .

Personal achievement in horsemanship transcends individual discipline. At HMH we find it fascinating that in every aspect of horsemanship rests the fact that, once an individual has gained an understanding of the mind of the horse, they can apply this knowledge across all disciplines. What we are wearing, what type of gear we prefer, what kind of saddle we use- if any. Whether or not we prefer to sit on the horse, stand on him, work him from the ground or ride behind him atop the box seat; none of this matters to the horse, these things only matter to us.

Ultimately, the only thing that matters to the horse is his own well-being. Humans who can effectively and honestly create a sense of well-being in the horse will gain his respect and trust. The question remains; what constitutes well-being in the mind of the horse?

A respect for the history we share with horses is a corner stone of HMH, the art of horsemanship began more than 6000 years ago, it’s been a fascinating journey. We’ve gained and lost a tremendous amount of knowledge during this time. Quality; a willing, effective and dynamic communication between the horse and the human, ultimately, this is what truly means something- this is what we are “about”.