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Arena Polo Excitement!

“The charming lakeside village of Ascona in southern Switzerland formed the backdrop for an arena polo tournament.”

2011 Road to the Horse

“Chris Cox captures his third Road to the Horse title and is named the first Legends of Colt Starting Champion.”

Five Days at Swingletree

“Jessica, a flea-bit grey Connemara pony, is up in her bridle; moving at a nice brisk trot.”

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Editor's Journal

First Look at War Horse Movie Trailer

“I had the opportunity to see the play in London which was brilliant. The life-sized horse puppets were beautiful works of art.”

Anxious Rider? Relax, You’re Not Alone

“A recent survey of eventing riders found that none considered themselves overt ‘risk takers’, however, some did admit that they experience, extreme fear and anxiety during competitions.”

Horses In London

“There is perhaps no other major city in the world that has as healthy a horse culture as London”

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Tales of Texas


“Some people enjoy ridin’ when the conditions are in their favor, other fellers enjoy ridin’ no matter what the conditions.”

Loose Latigo

“A loose latigo can turn a rather simple ride into an extreme event.”


“In my book horses rate right behind ladies and dogs on the man chart. They have a lot in common with these other divinely created creatures.”

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Jake's Take

Branding Camp 2010

“Well last week I was having the time of my life at a branding camp here in Montana for about six days.”

Leachman Sale

“The beginning of this April there was a very large scale dispersion sale of the Hairpin Cavvy belonging to Jim Leachman.”

Joe Wolter Clinic

“Labor Day weekend was especially fun this year for a few people”

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