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TCAA 2011 Show Sneak Preview

“I recently had the opportunity to Interview Canadian silversmith and current TCAA president Scott Hardy.”

TCAA 2010 "A Saddle Story"

“Discriminating cowboys have always had a flare for blending function and art. They need a saddle that is serviceable but they want it to make a statement that tells a story as well”

When Ladies of a Certain Age Ride C...

“I’m heading up to take a ‘test ride’ on my three-year-old quarter horse filly”

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Editor's Journal

Here’s Why You Should Wear A Helmet

“Each year in the US, 70,000 people turn up in emergency rooms with injuries related to equestrian activities and of those 12,000 are head injuries.”

Anxious Rider? Relax, You’re Not Alone

“A recent survey of eventing riders found that none considered themselves overt ‘risk takers’, however, some did admit that they experience, extreme fear and anxiety during competitions.”

Parelli Tournament Switzerland

“Attending the Parelli Tournament here in Switzerland was a unique experience on lots of levels. A group of us from our local barn traveled north together by train- that was fun!”

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Tales of Texas

Loose Latigo

“A loose latigo can turn a rather simple ride into an extreme event.”

La Reyna

“The “burro lady” and I spent a lot of time together in west Texas. We never rode together but I spent a lot of time thinking about her”


“Some people enjoy ridin’ when the conditions are in their favor, other fellers enjoy ridin’ no matter what the conditions.”

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Jake's Take

Vaquero Horsemanship Part 3

“For the last few weeks I’ve described the history and gear of the vaquero in my own words and from my own experiences.”

Scrat's Mother

“We’ve started calving about full time here at the place.”

Learning the Ropes

“Ok, just to say this before I start, I am no expert on this subject! This time, I’m gonna talk about the different kinds of ropes that I know about.”

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