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When You're Not Riding a Horse

“Interesting things can happen as I found out the first time I climbed aboard a camel or stepped onto the back of an elephant.”

Five Days at Swingletree

“Jessica, a flea-bit grey Connemara pony, is up in her bridle; moving at a nice brisk trot.”

TCAA 2010 "A Saddle Story"

“Discriminating cowboys have always had a flare for blending function and art. They need a saddle that is serviceable but they want it to make a statement that tells a story as well”

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Editor's Journal

Introduce the Hackamore to Your Horse

“The traditional hackamore, known in classical terms as the Jaquima is a versatile tool that can be applied to any discipline and any breed of horse.”

Happy Holidays from HMH in Austria

“A weekend excursion to visit traditional Christmas Markets presents us with an opportunity to send a little holiday cheer from across the pond.”

Anxious Rider? Relax, You’re Not Alone

“A recent survey of eventing riders found that none considered themselves overt ‘risk takers’, however, some did admit that they experience, extreme fear and anxiety during competitions.”

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Tales of Texas

Loose Latigo

“A loose latigo can turn a rather simple ride into an extreme event.”

Branding at Wimberly Well

“Lots of different ways to restrain a bovine in order to get his physical adjustments made”

La Reyna

“The “burro lady” and I spent a lot of time together in west Texas. We never rode together but I spent a lot of time thinking about her”

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Jake's Take

Scrat's Mother

“We’ve started calving about full time here at the place.”

Vaquero Horsemanship Part 3

“For the last few weeks I’ve described the history and gear of the vaquero in my own words and from my own experiences.”

Vaquero Horsemanship Part 2

“For those of you who didn’t catch my last post, I discussed the history of vaquero horsemanship as much as I know it.”

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