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Meet 'The Maestro' Philippe Karl

“Searching for a small riding faculty in Baden, Switzerland, we find the barn tucked away inside an industrial complex. A person would never guess there were horses here…”

Over Fifty and Still in the Saddle

“As an older lady I consider myself fortunate to still be in the saddle, even more so to still be riding colts.”

Lady Weirsdale

“The horses stood calmly while the grooms, in full livery; coats neatly pressed and boots polished, bustled about them seeing to every detail of their harnessing.”

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Editor's Journal

Fit for a King?

“This remarkable set of Full State harness for six horses dates from the late fifteen hundreds and yes, that’s real gold.”

Fast Food Horsemanship

“If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the go. Like an old fashioned record player that has the speed set too high for the song, our lives seem to be running at an ever faster pace.”

Natural Horsemanship Goes Mainstream

“We receive dozens of press releases and news feeds every day here at HMH. Most cover mundane horse industry news but a few are really interesting.”

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Tales of Texas

La Reyna

“The “burro lady” and I spent a lot of time together in west Texas. We never rode together but I spent a lot of time thinking about her”

Men Who Dance in the First Light

“Men who dance in the first light are a bunch of overpaid fools sleeping on the ground, eating more beans than beef, leaving in the dark…”

Sweet Talkin’s Over Part 1

“The cow business has a long history of profit and loss and this little story is a small example of this illusive pursuit.”

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Jake's Take

Scrat's Mother

“We’ve started calving about full time here at the place.”

Joe Wolter Clinic

“Labor Day weekend was especially fun this year for a few people”

Colts in the Spring

“I’d like to talk about the colts Dad and I are riding right now. At the moment we have four”

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