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As an older lady I consider myself fortunate to still be in the saddle, even more so to still be riding colts. When the action starts though, and riding a frisky three-year-old pretty much guarantees that, I’m reminded of Jack Nicholson’s line in the film The Bucket List “never trust a fart”- in this case it not only applies to the colt but to me as well…More

So one might ask why a woman of my age has only ridden young stock since she climbed back into the saddle again after so many years? I ask myself that question and my answer is always that it’s the joy of the change, the personal challenge, the consistent improvement with each new two-year-old prospect I take on…More

I’m a mid-level kind of rider. After being fortunate to have had a horse when I was a teenager, I didn’t ride again until I was in my early forties. Now as I near 51, I’m heading up to take a “test ride” on my three-year-old quarter horse filly, JR’s Blonde D. In Florida, we’re lucky to have as a resource, the dynamic duo of Tom & Trina Curtin…More