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This MC_20080730_0002.jpgcowboy has chosen to enter the wild cow roping contest but his horse has entered the bucking horse event. Cowboys will never pass up a legit reason to rope a cow, of course he’ll seldom ask for his horses’s permission first. So some horses, being strong minded, choose a different approach. This causes extreme variables which the cowboy generally has little control over once the ball begins.

He generally ends up like a ship in a storm, trying to ride it out and hoping the waves don’t get too big. This cowboy’s ship is surrounded by sharks and other flesh eating creatures who live in the ocean, which turn mediocre bronc riders into world champions. This cowboy takes one look around at the cholla, prickly pear and tasajilla knowing that these cacti can deal as much misery as any sea-creature. He decides to ride and you couldn’t chop him loose with an ax. But here again strong minded horses can make some moves that no ship in a storm can make, so this story is long from over.

Mike Capron is a featured columnist for High Minded Horseman. He’s a veteran rancher, award winning western artist and professional cowboy. You can usually find him horseback somewhere out in the Chihuahua Desert of West Texas; working his livestock, painting and living a life we all dream of.

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