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I had the opportunity to see the play in London which was brilliant. The life-sized horse puppets were beautiful works of art. The actors were even able to ride the puppets on stage which were so lifelike that the audience soon forgot that the horses weren’t in fact alive. During the play, there were a number of dead and dying horse puppets and it was a tearjerker for sure. The play, although heart wrenching, did have a happy ending; we’ll see what happens in the film.

The film version with Stephen Spielberg at the helm looks to be a block buster in the making. The horse cast as “Joey” really looks the part. The cinematography, the amazingly crafted scenes and a highly realistic portrayal of horses panicking under fire on the battlefields of World War I will make for a powerful film but could be disturbing for many horse lovers so consider yourself warned. Have your tissues handy- even for the trailer! For the movie itself, I plan to have a whole box on hand. Due to be released Christmas of 2011, some are already dubbing this one, “The greatest horse movie of all time,” we’ll just have to wait and see.

Tracy Schumer is the editor of High Minded Horseman. A Florida native and lifetime horse enthusiast, she is currently based in Europe where she rides dressage, enjoys carriage driving and is always on the hunt for new experiences with horses.

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