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Takin’ the girls home in the fall after shipping time is the cowboy’s pride. These are the cows that have produced a paycheck by raising a calf and have managed to get their baby brought along through to shipping time…More

Well, who’s herding who is the way it usually starts out gathering bulls in heavy brush. Bulls come in a wide variety of disposition so you have to be ready to make a decision on how much pressure you need to apply in order to get this bull to conform to your wishes. These bushes are is home and he feels mighty comfortable using them to his advantage in order to stay there…More

So, the new addition to my ever-growing herd of equines is ‘Eddie’. Eddie is a half-shire, half-Quarter horse and is originally from Small, Idaho; where he was raised by Butch Small. I started wanting a half-draft one calving season when a good part of our cow herd was made up of old, sorry, counterfeit, stubborn, and mean red angus witches…More